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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located? We received a fundraising call from Arizona, but I thought you were in Florida?

Our 50,000 sq ft facility is located in Titusville, FL and houses The American Police Hall of Fame & Museum, The National Association of Chiefs of Police (NACOP), The American Federation of Police & Concerned Citizens (AFP&CC). NACOP and its sister organization AFP&CC are headquartered inside the American Police Hall of Fame building.

Both organizations are 501(c)(3) non-profit operations (approved and overseen by the IRS) that serve law enforcement agencies and families in all 50 states and Puerto Rico – but because we are NOT professional fundraisers and we do not rely on tax dollars, we depend on private donations and we do this through professional 3rd party, fee-based partners who are experts in their fields. Thus, you may get a phone call or a mailer from an organization representing us.

Our telecommunications partner, for instance, is based in Phoenix, AZ. So, even though you may be sending your telephone donation to Phoenix, it STILL ends up at our facility in Titusville, where it helps to provide emergency funds, birthday and holiday gifts for children, scholarships, summer camp funds, medical reimbursement and more for disabled/paralyzed officers and their families and for the families of fallen officers across our country.

How do I know for SURE the caller or mailer represents your organization?

If you aren’t sure whether the organization claiming to represent us is, in fact, us, PLEASE give us a call or send an email. The laws governing non-profits and non-profit fundraising are very strict these days (thank goodness) but some folks still try to make a fast buck. That’s not us. We do things by the book, and we applaud your caution and invite you to ask questions – no matter WHAT organization you are giving money to.

If you have ANY questions about us, here are some resources:


We depend on your support to implement and grow our programs, but we always encourage you to do your homework!

If you are interested in giving to a particular program or supporting a larger initiative or if you’d like to know what type of services we are providing in your state, feel free to contact our Director of Strategic Development directly at

Will the money I donate come back to my community?

Yes, if your community has a law enforcement family or agency in need. Otherwise, it will be used where the need is greatest. We currently serve over 12,500 law enforcement family survivors nationwide with emergency funds, scholarships (where we have provided grants totaling over $2.3 million), summer camp funds, birthday and holiday gifts, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day gifts and more, and over 1,300 disabled officers and their families with the same kind of compassionate support. We have raised over $1 million that was dedicated to providing, training and outfitting K9 units to over 100 agencies in 31 states. We distribute Chief of Police magazine quarterly to approximately 38,000 law enforcement leaders around the country. Gifts may also support The American Police Hall of Fame & Museum and our educational programming, training for law enforcement at our range, maintenance of the Memorial that currently pays tribute to over 9,000 fallen officers, our awards program recognizing officer excellence throughout the country and our exhibits and displays.

There are so many organizations out there who claim to do good work! How do I know where to give?

That’s a choice only you can make. Do your homework. Ask questions. Review the websites or make a phone call. Understand that every non-profit (particularly those doing national work) will have operational expenses and fundraising costs. This is especially true of organizations who do not take tax dollars. The program money has to come from somewhere. The good organizations (like ours) will work diligently to direct as much funding as possible to program services. We don’t have hundreds of employees, nor do we have lavish offices and salaries. Your donation allows us to move forward with our primary purpose: supporting our men and women in blue and their families. As we do that, we work to be as transparent as possible.  But whether you give to us or to some other worthwhile organization, we ask that you always support and honor “the thin blue line” and all they do for our country.

One of the fundraising mailers I received said the money was for MY county. Is that true?

Yes, assuming we have a family survivor or disabled officer in your county. If so, then that officer and/or family will benefit from our scholarships, summer camp funds, emergency funds, gift program and more. If not, then a family or officer in the next county or the next state may be the beneficiary. But an officer or family in need WILL benefit. And if, God forbid, an officer is injured or killed in the line of duty in your local department, our organizations will be there to help. THAT you can count on!

I’m considering giving a significant amount to your organization; can I restrict those funds?

Absolutely. With larger donations, if you want the funds to go to a specific program or service – or even a specific state – we can certainly do that. We would love to sit down with you and discuss your preferences and show you how you can support the program that is closest to your heart. Just contact our Director of Strategic Development at or call 321-264-0911 Ext. 113.

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